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Journeys of Ancestral Discovery; Raising Sparks

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Journeys of Ancestral Discovery; Raising Sparks. This book project documents a pilgrimage in Eastern Europe to reconnect with our heritage.  Can photographs of a vanished spiritual world bring legends to life and connect with us here in the present?   Using humanistic photography and concise commentary, this photo essay enchants the viewers to make a virtual pilgrimage that will indeed spark their soul and illuminate their past.


 Please consider including your family's histories.

Families and organizations funding this project will have an opportunity to include testimonials/memorials for their loved ones in every book published through this project.


Our families live on in our hearts and minds.

This book project will carry on their powerful sacred and secular legacy for our grandchildren's grandchildren.


To participate and support: 

A Kickstarter Project is coming.

Photos will be available for purchase.

Donation of transcription services for classes recorded on this trip.

Public Relation services to put the word out to interested organizations and publications.



Giving life to a legend:

At a Bar Mitzvah, the Bostoner Rebbe thanked Steve Levine for the loan of a hard to find text.  Steve told him that his mother in law had met Rabbi Kalonymous Kalman Shapira in the Warsaw Ghetto.  Steve said that when he started studying “Holy fire” by the Piacezna Rebbe, it was as if he was reaching into the fires of the holocaust and as if the people were reaching to him.  The Bostoner Rebbe thanked Steve.  He knew of his relative more as a legend and this brought the Piacezna to life. -- Bring your family legends to life as well.

“Transforming photo paper into spiritual energy is more than capturing a sunset or dew dripping from petals. Although beautiful, these are stagnant images devoid of history and consequence. Your photo interpretation moved into a realm of story, emotion and chasiddus. What a gift to change matter into energy. Einstein said it could be done so why not Betzallel Meriash”. - Neiel Barenberg


   For more information and to participate  We are looking for contributions of your family photos and stories as part of your contribution to this  project.

You will have an opportunity to include testimonials/memorials photos of your loved ones in every book. Please share this with people and organizations with an interest in Eastern European Jewry.



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