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Journeys of Ancestral Discovery

Knowledge and faith were both brought to America.

For some, faith was left behind, maybe forever;

Or to be rediscovered, reacquired or reclaimed.

How would you like your grandchildren's grandchildren

to remember your family's Eastern European legacy?

"Journeys of Ancestral Discovery, Sparking the Soul," is an ambitious book project capturing the collective spirit and soul of Jewish people during a pilgrimage through the Ukraine and Poland. Dramatic photography and moments of illumination combined with your family histories will present a heritage of joy and deep faith that carried our ancestors beyond the great difficulties they experienced.

Our families live on in our hearts and minds. This book project will carry on their powerful legacy for our grandchildren's grandchildren. This book will reconnect the sacred and the secular by reintroducing teachings that inspired our Jewish people in the past and for generations to come.

6 reasons you will want to be a part of

“Journeys of Ancestral Discovery: Sparking the Soul”

book project

1. Jewish pride

2. Bringing legends to life

3. Reconnecting with our Chassidic past

4. Balancing archives of pain and suffering with joy, faith and discovery

5. Creating a legacy book that will be passed on to your grandchildren's grandchildren

6. Your family histories will be included in “Journeys...”

Bonus: Every family testimonial/ story contributed will be published in every book printed!

Praying at the Grave of the Baal Shem Tov

During Gaza-Israel conflict, theese Israelis had come to the Baal Shem Tov's Grave to pary for the safety of the

Israeli Soldiers. In Kiev, I met a rabbi who was flying to Jerusalem to pray for the safety of the Israeli people.

"In the Copenhagen airport, I learned that a Malaysian passenger airliner had been blown out of the Ukrainian sky. I was on my way to Kiev, Ukraine to go on a pilgrimage in another dimension. The

physical beauty of nature was a contrasting background to the suffering and joy our ancestors had experienced here. Our souls and emotions were awake."

This will also be a legacy book for families

and organizations funding the project.

You will have an opportunity to include testimonials/memorials photos

of your loved ones in every book. Our families live on in our hearts

and minds. This book project will carry on their powerful

legacy for our grandchildren's grandchildren.

The synagogue in Berdichev had a preschool.

How You Can Participate; Your Family Stories:

Your Family History Will Be Included in Every Book.

Following Are Two Examples

My father Joseph Gabbay was born on Purim 1922 to parents of Iraqi lineage. His parents Ezra and Sarah left Iraq on their way to Egypt. Ezra was a teacher there, but once in Jerusalem his mother Sarah would not leave. His father became a teacher there. Ezra passed away in 1937 leaving Joseph, his mother and two sisters. Joseph left school to earn money for his family. Eventually he opened an antique store near theJaffa gate of the Old City. The Megilah was one of his special purchases, that he saved for him and his family. After meeting my mother Martha, an American exchange student, they married and emigrated to the USA. Joseph brought the Megilah with him. - Dan Gabbay

You Don't Have to Wear a Black Hat to Participate

i am jewish because my mother is jewish and my father is jewish .G-d changed abram's name to abraham and sarai's name to sarah. the 'h' signifies inclusion of god into the lineage of the heritage of my ancestors.god promised the land to the children of abraham and sarah that is now where jerusalem is...6,000,000 jews slaughtered in the holocaust....i was born in the bronx,after ww 2.....I say kaddish for leo cohen yahrtzeit 16 kislev 5775....and do good deeds to enhance and encourage the imminent arrival of the coming one, the moshiach. my great aunt shendl, of chernoble is a direct descendant of the baal shem tov..she passed and is in heaven with uncle what is right and drink plenty of is all a dance in can get you through tough times...we are all in eternity...psalm 91: whoever sits in the refuge of the most high, he shall dwell in the shadow of the almighty..

-michael menachem cohen

Bringing Legends To Life

Rabbi Shapira of Far Rockaway asked Steve Levine to prepare his son for his Bar Mitzvah. At the Bar Mitzvah, the Bostoner Rebbe approached Steve to thank him for the loan of a hard to find text. Steve told him that his mother in law (photographer’s mother) had met the Piacezna Rebbe –Rabbi Kalonymous Kalman Shapira- the last Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto . Steve said that when he started studying “Holy Fire” by the Piacezna Rebbe, it was as if he was reaching into the fires of the Holocaust and as if the people were reaching to him. The Bostoner Rebbe thanked Steve. He knew of his relative more as a legend and this brought him to life.

Bring your legends to life too.

To participate and contribute a story

Or to help raise funds as an ambassador

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